Todd Norll

I can proudly say that I have been practicing with Frank and his amazing team at Greenleaf Yoga for many many years. Always drawn back and look so forward to the peace, tranquility, and transcendent energy of this place. Being a part of Greenleaf Yoga has changed my life. No matter where I may be in the world, all I need to do is close my eyes, to bring back the incredible vibe of what they have given me. There is nowhere better.


“The treasure that you seek lies in the cave that you fear to enter”





Kip Kipiphulian

I first tried Yoga through a popular workout training DVD. During it’s warm ups and cool downs it had some Yoga poses, which got me interested. I then came to Greenleaf Yoga Studio. My first class was with Cathy, Hatha Level 1, and my second class was with Frank, Vinyasa Level 2 I hung in there with Frank’s level 2 classes  3-5 times a week and in only a few short months my Yoga practice grew and continues to grow and strengthen.



Dora Mendoza

What does Yoga mean to me? But first let me take you back to 2008 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I faced fear and most importantly I fought my biggest challenge of my life. What does Yoga mean? …Mind body connection… Thanks to Frank and his staff at Greenleaf Yoga I have learned that through meditation I can over come my fears and while practicing my yoga I find myself reaching within me to find the power and the strength to over com my fears but rather find peace. Mind body connection… Thank you Greenleaf Yoga.



Terry Overly

I’ve been coming to the Greenleaf Yoga Studio since August 2012. Joining this studio was a huge step in my life. I went from working full time and having no exercise regimen to attending 5 yoga classes weekly. It has been an adventurous road, and with the help of Frank, Sergio, Cathy, and Stephanie, I haven’t skipped a beat. This experience has completely changed my life for the better in so many ways. I have a medical condition that has held me back a lot because of bad circulation and swelling in my legs. I can honestly say that the circulation in my legs has improved dramatically! Yoga has opened a whole new world for me. I’ve been more active then ever before. Not only do I go to yoga 3-5 times a week, but I’ve also started a walking/hiking regimen and joined a gym. My new found flexibility and increased stamina has allowed me to to extend my nightly walking routine up to 6 miles. Coming here has not only helped me physically, but also mentally and spiritually. The feeling I leave with each time is indescribable! I have a new sense of well being and accomplishment that I wouldn’t of had with out then help and support of all my instructors here at the Yoga Greenleaf Studio.



Wayne Wilkinson

 At Greenleaf Yoga, I have finally started to LEARN yoga.




Joyce Fuloug

Greenleaf Yoga studio is the most welcoming studio that I have used with a true focus on teaching all levels and types of students.
I love the range of classes offered and the different instructors as it enriches my practice and adds diversity to my yoga journey.



Yolanda Pasillas

I remember driving by Greenleaf Yoga Studio when it first opened and saying to myself “I’m going to try that one day”. I do know it took me awhile to finally get enough courage to go to my first class. Always talking myself out of it with “I’m to overweight”, “It will be to hard”, “I’m not flexible enough”. All misconceptions that quickly went out the window after that first 90 minute class. Yoga is really as they say…for every BODY. Practicing Yoga has really helped me, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Challenges I face as a woman of 45, mother to 7 and a wife, can sometimes seem overwhelming. Yoga has really helped keep things in balance. I’ve had quite a few “A-HA” moments in class. Not only in helping my postures improve but in myself as a person improve. I truly do feel empowered. Another great benefit of practicing Yoga at this stage of my life has been the relief from symptoms that have ailed me since I had my twins 7 years ago. Call it hormones, menopause, PMS….pick one.
I’ve seen a tremendous change in that area of my life. As I continue to grow stronger both inside and out with a regular Yoga practice I will always remember that for those 90 or so minutes on my mat, I’ve chosen to honor my body and the life it’s been given.



Aurora Morales 

It’s been four years since I first walked into the old yoga studio on Greenleaf Avenue and I now can’t imagine my life without the practice of yoga. I’m constantly amazed at what I’ve learned to do from all the awesome instructors. I take something great away from every single instructor. And leading them all is Frank who always guides me to further my practice, more than what I ever thought I was capable of. The best thing about Greenleaf Yoga is feeling like I am part of a very special community of people who are all looking for that “mind body connection”.




Robert Parra 

Since I’ve been coming to Greenleaf Yoga I have noticed a huge difference in my ability to relax, sleep better, and overall well-being in a short period of time. I really enjoy the constant pace of Vinyasa yoga. It has helped me keep my breathing under control throughout the day and especially when I start feeling tension in my work environment as a teacher. The relaxation of my shoulder and back muscles has been my greatest achievement, which has helped relieve headaches I was getting for some time. The staff is amazing and express great care for their students. I can’t imagine my life without Yoga anymore. Come in and check it out for yourself.



Joseph Parra

I found Greenleaf Yoga in January, and since then so much has changed. I had been recommended Yoga by my Doctor and Personal Trainer to help with my back problems, as well as improve my flexibility. I have done yoga before at gyms and found that the schedule of classes was inconvenient, and was very similar to doing yoga at home on DVD. I was very surprised to see how many classes are offered at Greenleaf, easy to fit into my hectic schedule, as well as the personal instruction students receive from the instructors. Frank and Sergio are great, helping beginners and long time students to adjust postures to their ability. You never feel out of place in a class. Any one can participate in any class, as well as everyone feels welcome in every class. Since I have been practicing my trainer has commented how my balance and flexibility has improved. I no longer have back pain, and I sleep so much better when I do practice than when I am not able to practice. Yoga is an all around great workout. Not only is it very relaxing, but it also makes me sweat and burn more calories than any gym workout I have done in the past. Any one looking to relax and improve overall well being has to come to Greenleaf Yoga and try any one of the many classes. I highly recommend Frank’s Restorative class, you leave feeling stretched and so good! This is a great place to practice and I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their overall well being.



Ralph Sedillo