Greenleaf Yoga Studio  has been ….read more
Wayne Wilknson

I first tried Yoga through a popular.…read more
Tanner Haase

Greenleaf Yoga Studio has been.…read more
Kip Kihulian

When I began my yoga journey in February 2014. I could not touch…read more

Kelly Wood

My experience at Greenleaf Yoga has been life …read more

Lisa Cano

Greenleaf Yoga is by far my favorite yoga studio.. …read more

Diana Marquez




What does Yoga mean to me? But first let me take you back to 2008 when read more….

Dora Mendoza

I started going to yoga classes because I wanted to get some exercise.…read more

Ana Sosa

I remember driving by Greenleaf Yoga Studio when it first opened and.…read more

Yolanda Pasillas

I began my practice at Greenleaf Yoga at 61 years old and.…read more

Margarita Gutierrez

Frank’s classes have drastically helped relieve much of the pain. ..read more

Robert Shivers

Greenleaf yoga is the best studio I have ever been a member of ..read more

Caren L Nelson

I learned how to relax and use my breathing as movement,…read more

Jasmin Naserau

My flexibility rapidly increased as did my skill in maintaining the basic postures,…read more

Patrick Findlay

Greenleaf Yoga is the best place to practice yoga.read more

Gloria Gonzalez

Frank is an original, funny, nurturing, and profound without having to try.…read more

Jesse Katz

Frank and all the teachers make everyone feel so welcomed.…read more
Angela Hamel

Greenleaf Yoga studio is the most welcoming studio that I have used,…read more

Joyce Furlough

I’m very thankful to have found your yoga studio…read more

Jessica Youn

Greenleaf Yoga Studio is one of a kind. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years and had never found a studio as inviting, social, and individualized ..read more Ligaya


My name is Rashid I have been going to Greenleaf Yoga …read more

Rashid Boolay

I’m so happy I found yoga and Frank at Greenleaf yoga...read more

Adriana Dawson

Before I walked in the door of Frank’s studio, I suffered from tightness in my back that just wouldn’t go away.  ...read more

Mel Sturr

Frank and Sergio are great, helping beginners and long time students.  ...read more

Joseph Parra

Practicing at Greenleaf Yoga has been one of the best decisions …read more

Pablo Hernandez

Greenleaf yoga is the absolute perfect environment to practice yoga. …read more

Lissa Latina

I joined Greenleaf Yoga Studio after my wife did a class and couldn’t stop talking about it.…read more
Danny Diaz


Frank Magaña’s consistent and careful approach to yoga has helped me tremendously.…read more
Valorie Shatynski

Since I’ve been coming to Greenleaf Yoga I have noticed.…read more

Robert Parra

I had been involved in competitive sports most of my life, from triathlons to 24 hour endurance cycling events  Read More….
John Blakely

It’s been four years since I first walked into the old yoga studio on Greenleaf Avenue  Read More….
Aurora Z. Morales

Greenleaf Yoga is by far my favorite yoga studio.. …read more

Frank Chavez

My name is Terry Overley and I will be 58 this year. I’ve been coming to the Greenleaf Yoga Studio since  Read More….
Terry Overley

After years of driving past the studio, one day I finally stopped and took a class. I love it. I come. Read More…
Lisa Sanchez