Sciatica Workshop

 Saturday July 2, 2016

w/ James



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Sciatica Workshop Aloha! In this workshop we will be discussing the 6 main causes of Sciatica, how to relieve each symptom and different visuals that will help you pin point where the sensation is coming from. Sciatica is where you experience a pinching pain that starts in the middle of the buttocks. It is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower segments of the spinal cord and down the back of the leg. This nerve sends signals to the main leg muscles where information is collected and sent to the brain for processing. Sciatica affects the nerve and alters the normal functioning of the leg. This turns into weakness of the leg muscles and causes pain in the legs and/or thighs. If you have similar sensations or have an interest in learning and/or alleviating this kind of pain, this workshop is for you. Hope to see you there!

 – writing material will be provided – bring Yoga mat, pen, and tube sock 

No Yoga Experience Necessary



Saturday July 30th 2016

2:30Pm to 4:00Pm

w/ Grace

cost $25

“Sound has been used for thousands of years in many cultures as a meditative/healing tool. It has a way of permeating the physical body, not just through ones ears but through subtle energetic means. The frequencies and vibrations produced by the gongs and crystal bowls, fill the space and anyone who is present. Sound helps facilitate shifts in the brain waves, often leading one into a deep state of relaxation. In this theta state, ones mind becomes still, allowing the body to realign itself. A sound bath is known to leave one feeling relaxed, refreshed, or energized.”

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No Yoga Experience Necessary