A Headstand and Inversion Workshop

Saturday January 21st 2017

2.00Pm to 4:00Pm


w. Jared

In this workshop you will learn how to safely move into and hold this intriguing yet challenging yoga pose, as well as a few other inverted poses! We will focus on finding and creating proper alignment and strength so that you feel comfortable and confident going upside down.

Conquer your fear and take your yoga practice to the next level!

Perfect for beginners or yogis new to going upside down!




Saturday February 4th 2017

2:00Pm to 3:30Pm

w. Grace


“Sound has a way of permeating the physical body not just through ones
ears but through subtle, energetic means. It has long been used as a
healing tool and believed to help balance the chakras (energy points in
the subtle body that keep ones energy flowing smoothly throughout). Join me for an hour-long sound bath.
Come by, find a comfortable position, let go, and allow the sound to
over you.”



Saturday, March 4th 2017

w Stephanie

2.00Pm to 4:00Pm

Most yogis are familiar with Asana (posture) and Pranayama (breath control), but there are 6 more steps that comprise Pantanjali’s 8 Fold Path.
The Yamas and Niyamas are the first two steps that come before Asana and Pranayama. They outline a set of guidelines to live a meaningful and purposeful life. We will look at what these 5 outer (Yamas) and 5 inner (Niyamas) observances mean and then move into a flow sequence that incorporates them.



Handstand And Arm Balances

June 2017

w. Angela