Saturday May 23, 2015 

3pm to 5pm

 cost $25.


Open Hips Workshop

If your week mostly consists of sitting at a desk then this is THE workshop for you.

Sitting results in consistent compression of the hip flexors – the muscles that join your abdomen to your legs. Over time this results in a shortening of the hip flexors, which adjusts the position or tilt of the pelvis. This in turn upsets the muscles and structures both above and below the hips. Hence why knee problems and lower back pain are often connected to tension in the hips.

The body also holds emotions in tense muscles and the deep muscles of the hips are often the centre of many stuck and suppressed emotions. By releasing the muscular tension, old stuck emotions can also be freed.

      Over this 2-hour workshop you will delve into hip opening poses, learn what the benefits of doing them along with some anatomy, and how to perform them safely.

 Suitable for all levels from beginners to more advanced yoga students. 

You will work at your individual level with an opportunity to modify poses whenever necessary, building up your personal yoga practice in a playful and safe manner.


Hope to see you there..