Fundamentals, Alignment,

and Exercises

To Build The Perfect Handstand

JANUARY 31.2015

3:00PM to 5:00PM

w/ Danny

cost $25


In the this work shop we will explore and activate the muscles and alignment needed for a safe handstand pose.

By the end of the work shop, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to leave the wall behind and discover your handstand in the middle of the room with self-assurance. Lets enjoy the process of getting upside down together.


“Yoga 101” workshop

Ideal for the new student

February 21.2015

3:00PM to 5:00PM

w/ Danny

cost $25

early bird special $20 if signed up by February 14.2015

Ideal for the new Yogi Work Shop Objective: This workshop will cover some of the basic principles of yoga and the vinyasa style flow. We will cover aspects of Alignment, Balance and Breath. Learn how to successfully harness opposing forces while gaining strength, control and improving flexibility. Other important topics covered; ujjayi breathing (yogic nose breathing), bandhas (energy locks), drishti (steady gaze),surya namaskar A & B (sun salutations), savasana (relax & meditate). Be prepared to practice, but there will also be ample time for Q & A with demonstrations. Great for new comers to yoga and experienced practitioners looking to deepen they’re practice.


”Om  bhurbhuvah  swah  tatsaviturvareñyam
bhargo  devasya  dhimahi  dhiyo  yo  nah  prachodayat” Sat Nam