Shoulder and Sciatica Release Workshop

w/ James

Saturday March 7 2015

3:00 Pm to 5:00 Pm

Cost $25.

Early bird sale $20 sign up by 2.28.15

Lets face it, pain sometimes haunts us. We feel pain and tightness in our neck,shoulders, back, and legs which sometimes limits us. But what we don’t always knowis that we have the tools to realign ourselves and find relief. Pain can say bye byewith this workshop. As we get older some of our muscles getvery tight and bones get out of place. We will work on poses and pressure points toregulate and relieve sciatica pain that you may sometimes feelin your butt all the way to the back of the heel is some severe cases. Also we willget into the shoulders and neck for good measure as we stretch,breath and relax ourselves into a new, less constricted, and more satisfied you.Bring your questions, notebook, pen, yoga gear and a tennis ball if you got one.Even if you don’t have Sciatica, you can benefit from the amazing stretches and easeof pressure and walk home with some tools of your own.

Hope to see you all there!

We will go over what is Sciatica,

The 6 different causes

How to prevent

Stretches and pressure points

Also shoulder and neck relief

stretches and pressure points

and how to keep the pain at bay








”Om  bhurbhuvah  swah  tatsaviturvareñyam
bhargo  devasya  dhimahi  dhiyo  yo  nah  prachodayat” Sat Nam