Teachers And Staff


Frank Magana KRT. RYT.

Spiritually Namend Paviter Singh which means the Lion of God who is pure through and through. Pronounced PA- VIT- ER.

As a child I began practicing with no intention. I just knew it felt good and well, that was enough for me. My Yoga practice continues to take me to some amazing and still unbelievable heights that I  will always cherish. I value and respect my practice out of sheer gratitude for all that it has given me.

I’ve practiced, studied and have been trained in many types of Yoga and have learned they are all great and are packed filled with endless benefits. To me, Yoga is the only one true action that gives back equally “what you put in is what you get out”

Vinyasa Yoga is where I am today. I teach very intimately and close with the people who visit my studio. I believe that a trust and a connection should be felt while teaching and practicing Yoga, something I learned early on from my first Yoga teacher, a wonderful and colorful person who I hold dearly and continues to be an inspiration.




 Stephanie Cauffman RYT

My yoga journey began in the spring of 2009 here at Greenleaf Yoga Studio. I knew immediately following that first class that yoga would become an important part of my life. I love how yoga creates strength and flexibility in both body and mind, while simultaneously calming the mind and touching the spirit. Now that I have become a certified instructor, I am excited to begin teaching at the very place that ignited my passion for yoga.





Bala Heinz RYT

Bala had trained with Olympic coaches and athletes in order to effectively compete in club, college and masters levels. In 2002, she implemented yoga practice to her multi-sport routine, and discovered many health and fitness benefits a steady Yoga practice can offer. She yearned for a deeper knowledge in her Yoga practice, so she started taking classes towards her 200 E-RYT program in 2013 . Bala’s classes offer a variety of sports training styles implemented into fluidly flowing Yoga poses. She also implements relaxation techniques through breathing exercises to bring practitioners towards a soothing final relaxation.




Stephanie Mendez RYT

As a former dancer in high school and college, I always had a set commitment to exercise which was easy for me to do since I loved to dance. Once I graduated college and moved across the country, it was up to me to motivate myself and keep myself in shape. I tried a ton of different workouts and classes, but couldn’t find anything I loved or anything that had the supportive community I had known my whole life.

About four years ago, I began practicing yoga in my tiny Hell’s kitchen apartment. I slowly worked my way from a 10-minute yoga DVD to more challenging YouTube videos, to attending classes. I explored countless studios until I found one that really resonated with me and showed me not only the physical side of yoga but the emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga and the amazing community of people you can find through this practice.

Through my training, I became stronger both mentally and physically and wanted to share that with others.I love teaching a very emotionally and physically challenging vinyasa class that can continue to help my students grow.

Mark Ruiz

At the age of 5 creativity lead me to mindful mediation where I was able to reflect and create my reality. Experiencing  life beyond boundaries or limits, leading me to the art of Kundalini Yoga (the yoga of awareness). This practice is such a powerful tool in today’s fast paced world to remain happy, healthy and committed. Teaching in the local Whittier community is special to me because it’s my hometown. 
My intention is to bring healing and awareness throughout the local and abroad communities by creating a conscious fashion and starting a new trend of compassion we can all appreciate.          


Subs and Guest Teachers 


Angela  Wang RYT

Hello I’m Angela I enjoy a very physically challenging practice balanced with a focus on restorative poses and techniques. Yoga has had such a positive impact on all aspects of my life. I am super grateful for the opportunity to teach in the place where I first started my journey.