Teachers And Staff


Frank Magana KRT. RYT.

Spiritually Namend Paviter Singh which means the Lion of God who is pure through and through. Pronounced PA- VIT- ER.

As a child I began practicing with no intention. I just knew it felt good and well, that was enough for me. My Yoga practice has taken me to some amazing and still unbelievable heights that I will always cherish. I value and respect my practice out of sheer gratitude for all that it has given me.

I’ve practiced, studied and have been trained in many types of Yoga and have learned they are all great and are packed filled with endless benefits. To me, Yoga is the only one true action that gives back equally “what you put in is what you get out”

Ashtanga Yoga is where I am today. I teach very intimately and close with the people who visit my studio. I believe that a trust and a connection should be felt while teaching and practicing Yoga, something I learned early on from my first Yoga teacher, a wonderful and colorful person who I hold dearly and continues to be an inspiration


 Sarandeep Singh

My Yoga journey began over 10 Years ago in 110 degree room in Los Angeles Ca. After my first Bikram Yoga Class I knew Yoga was for me. I soon found myself practicing several styles of Yoga Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar. I soon realized it does not matter what style of Yoga you practice as long as you practice.

Throughout my Yoga journey I have studied and met some wonderful instructors that have helped me expand my Yoga practice. My strongest influences have been Max Strom who has such a gift for teaching Yoga and a wonderful heart and Bikram Choudhury and the 26 hot and strong Yoga Asanas. I still continue cultivating and deepening my daily Yoga practice.


 Stephanie Cauffman RYT

My yoga journey began in the spring of 2009 here at Greenleaf Yoga Studio. I knew immediately following that first class that yoga would become an important part of my life. I love how yoga creates strength and flexibility in both body and mind, while simultaneously calming the mind and touching the spirit. Now that I have become a certified instructor, I am excited to begin teaching at the very place that ignited my passion for yoga.





IMG_7450 James Dixon RYT

Hi fellow yogis, i love to ride my bicycle, camp, surf, read, slackline, yoga, get dirty, and God. My hope and goal is to help and support others on how to use yoga to improve their overall health and well-being. Yoga has taught me so much and is continually teaching me things about others and myself. Through the knowledge and experience I have, I hope to help guide others on their own journey’s of stepping up to their next level and to become a contributor to peoples lives in a positive way. Through difficult postures and calm breathing I think a lot of people can find their happy place. I will never say I am a master at this profession, but I will continue to always look at yoga as a student. I will persist to learn things everyday about this art and would love to pass it on to anyone who wants to listen.



IMG_221311 Bala Hinze RYT

Bala had trained with Olympic coaches and athletes to effectively compete in club, college and masters levels. About 12 years ago, she implemented yoga practice to her multi-sport routine. And, she discovered many health benefits a steady Yoga practice can offer. Bala’s classes offer a variety of sports training styles implemented into fluidly flowing Yoga poses, and relaxation techniques through breathing exercises to bring practitioners towards a soothing final relaxation.




20151128_163505-1-111 Mark Magana RYT

Yoga found its way into my life when I tore my ACL playing soccer. Yoga had a profound restorative effect, which helped me recover far more than physical therapy. The effects of yoga were also mental, allowing me to quiet and calm my mind. Becoming a certified yoga instructor (200-RYT) has allowed me to spread the experience of practicing yoga, and helps me learn more everyday! See you on the mat!





 Therese Sabino RYT  

As an artist, I spent countless hours hunching over my guitar and sculptures which put a lot of pressure on my spine. I began practicing yoga, and naturally my back pain was alleviated.  I gained a deeper awareness of my body, posture, thoughts, and actions. In 2014, I had a transformational experience and received my certification. My goal is to share this healing art with others so they can improve their overall well-being. I hope to extend my knowledge to others so they may find balance and realignment within themselves.




  Jovon Bernal RYT

Yoga has been a big part of my life for over 12 years now. My practice has
not only helped me become physically stronger, but has upgraded my self  awareness. One of my favorite things about the physical yoga practice is breath with movement. In my classes, you will experience many vinyasa
movements along with breath cues. Prepare yourself for a strong, active yoga practice. See ya’ll on the mat!

Jared bio pic

  Jared Boyarski RYT

Strength, Flexibility, Connection, Acceptance, Empowerment.
The practice of yoga has brought Jared a deeper understanding of these qualities, and he brings these qualities to his teaching. Jared believes that yoga is an awesome resource with the potential to provide us with strong, flexible bodies, and a stronger connection with our inner selves. This stronger connection then provides us with the opportunity for higher levels of self acceptance, and from that, self empowerment. Jared infuses his classes with strength and mindfulness, with specific attention given to breathing and the breath.